Protest against Xi Jinping. Please have strong actions on Chinese aggression

Protest against Xi Jinping.
Please have strong actions on Chinese aggression.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit to the US from September 22nd to 28th, 2015 and will be hosted by President Obama on September 25th, 2015.

According to the White House Press release, this visit “reciprocates President Obama’s State Visit to China in November 2014. President Xi’s visit will present an opportunity to expand U.S.-China cooperation on a range of global, regional, and bilateral issues of mutual interest, while also enabling President Obama and President Xi to address areas of disagreement constructively. The President and Mrs. Obama will host President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan at an official State Dinner on the evening of September 25.”

Whereas, The Chinese Administration had implemented erroneous activities as listed below:

1. Serious violation of the Human Rights against the people of China, especially to Falun Gong group, and deprivation of all basic rights from the people;

2. Suppression of Tibetan, the Uighurs at Xinjiang, and the Inner Mongolian etc…

3. Endless expansion with negative effects to the neighbor countries including Vietnam;

4. Self-declaration of sovereignty of 80% of East Seas (South China Sea); illegal invasion of the East Sea islands and waters; construction of artificial islands and three airports regardless international law and condemnation; causing environmental disasters and instability for the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific regions;

5. Cyber-attack and stealing business and personal confidential data that causes serious damage to the U.S economy and poses major threat to the U.S. homeland security.

6. Land encroachment of Vietnam with the support of The Vietnamese Communist Party that caused adverse effect in many areas such as land, economy, social, culture, etc…, and threatened the existence of Vietnam as an independent country.

7. The Obama Administration has enforced a weak policy against the aforementioned illegal expansion and China’s threat to the fundamental rights and national security of America and foreign countries.

Therefore, the Vietnamese community overseas solemnly declared:

(1) We, vehemently denounce and condemn to the world the Chinese serious human rights violations and illegal expansion;

(2) We, supplicate President Obama and all democratic countries to take strong actions to protect the freedom, democracy, fundamental rights for Chinese people and safety for the U.S and the other countries.

Washington DC, September 22nd , 2015

Representatives of Communities, Organizations:

  • Vietnamese American Community VAC) of Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia: Mr. Dinh Huu Doan, President.
  • Federation of Vietnamese American Communities of the USA, Vo Dinh Huu, MD – Hoi Van Do, MD- Prof. Thanh Van Pham – Tich Ngoc Truong, MD – Mr. Thoi Xuan Tran – Mr. Son Xuan Nguyen – Mr. Tanh Van Nguyen.
  • Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners Association: Fmr Qui Van Tran, President.
  • Vietnam Human Rights Network: Dr. Nguyễn Bá Tùng, President.
  • Movement for Vietnamese Laity in Diaspora: Mr. Pham Hong Lam, Coordinator.
  • Bao Tran, President, the People Force’s To Save Vietnam, Torrance, California, USA
  • Vietnamese Canadian Federation – Dong Van Tran, Secretary General
  • Liem Thanh Nguyen, Cao Đài Tây Ninh Church.
  • Hung Tran, Representative of The Cao Dai High Church Brother Overseas, Canada
  • Vinh The Pham, President, VAC of Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  • Khuong The Dang, President, VAC of Arizona, AZ,
  • Ngai Vinh, President, VAC South California, CA,
  • Councilman Phat Bui, President, VAC Southern California, CA
  • Dr Huu Dinh Vo, MD, President, VAC of Pomona, CA,
  • Liem Thanh Pham, President, VAC of San Diego, CA
  • Minh Thanh Truong, President, VAC of Northern California
  • Thinh Thien Do, President, VAC of Sacramento, CA
  • Hien Huu Nguyen, President, VAC of Stockton, CA
  • Cuong Trong Nguyen, President, VAC of Colorado, CA
  • Thu Huong Nguyen, President, VAC of Charlotte, NC
  • Phuong Vo, President, VAC of Greensville, SC
  • Gioi Van Tran, President, VAC of  Connecticut, CT,
  • – Mr. Tuoi Van Luu, President, VAC of Florida, FL
  • Lien Thanh Le: President, BOD, VAC Florida.
  • – Mr. Hung Quoc Pham, Pres. the VAC Central Florida, FL,
  • An Ngoc Chau, Pres. Of BOD, VAC  Central Florida, FL,
  • Thuc Cong Tran, President, VAC of Tampa Bay, FL,
  • Eric Tien Nguyen, President, VAC of Jacksonville, FL,
  • Huy Duc Nguyen, President, VAC of South Florida, FL,
  • Ly Bui, President, VAC of Pensacola, FL.
  • Hanh K Dang, President, VAC of Georgia, GA
  • Trung Toan Luu, President, VAC Illinois, IL
  • Thanh Hong Le, President, VAC of Louisiana, LA,
  • Bao Toan V. Than , President, VAC of Massachusetts, MA
  • Binh Thanh Nguyen, Fmr President, VAC of  Massachusetts, MA,
  • Thang Dinh Le, President, VAC of Minnesota, MN,
  • Cuong Nguyen, President, VAC of St Louis, MO,
  • Thong Luong, President, VAC of New Mexico, NM,
  • Khai Xuan Cao, President, VAC of New Hampshire, NH,
  • Niem Quan Tran, President, VAC of South New Jersey, NJ,
  • Paula Hícks-Lê Ánh-Nguyệt, President, VACA of New Jersey, NJ
  • Phong Thanh Nguyen, Esq, President, VAC of New York City, NY,
  • Vinh Khac Nguyen, President, VAC of Oklahoma City, OK,
  • Nghi Van Nguyen, President of BOD, VAC of Pennsylvania, PA
  • Bao The Ngo, President, VAC of Allentown, PA,
  • Truc Vu, President, VAC of Philadelphia, PA,
  • Nhiem Duc Nguyen, President, VAC of Pennsylvania, PA,
  • Mai Dinh Nguyen, President, VAC of Pittsburgh, PA,
  • Loan Van Vo, President, VAC of Lancaster, PA,
  • Thanh Van Nguyen, President, VAC of Northeast Pennsylvania, PA,
  • – Mr. Nguyen Hai, President, VAC of Lebanon ,PA
  • – Mr. Nguyen Hoa , President, VAC of Pittsburg ,PA
  • Vu ngoc Hai, President, VAC of York, PA
  • Do duc Chien, President, VAC of Easton/Bethlehem
  • Phuong Vo, President, VAC of South Carolina
  • – Mr. Kiet Van Bui, President, VAC of Nashville, TN.
  • – Mr. Minh Cam Sinh, President, VAC of Middle Tennessee, TN,??
  • Dung Q. Dang, President, VAC of West Tennessee, TN
  • Quoc Anh Tran, President, VAC of Houston and Vicinity, TX
  • Hau Pham, President, VAC of Dallas, TX
  • Thanh V. Nguyen, President, VAC of Utah, UT
  • Hung Chi Dang, Blogger, Toronto, Canada.
  • Thuoc Tuong Nguyen, President, Former Vietnamese Political Prisoners of New Jersey
  • Trúc Lâm Trần Nhân Việt Quốc, Vietnamese History Association
  • Anh Hong Do, Fmr President, Vietnamese American Community VAC) of Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia
  • Nhan Truong, Yellow Flag Movement, Germany
  • Dzung Nguyen, Radio Pho Dem, San Jose, ca, United States
  • Huong Nam, Liverpool, NSW, Australia
  • Lam Bui, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Bill Duong, Sterling, Virginia, United States


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